Our Courses

Short Term Vocational Training on Computer & Electronics

State-of-the art training is provided, keeping in view the existing and emerging needs of the industrial and Government sectors. Ours is a quality conscious organization and has taken several steps to formally get recognition of the quality and standards in various activities. The overall goal is to provide industry specific quality training in modular form to supplement limitations of formal education.

At Ambition the processes of learning involves:

1. Classroom theoretical sessions

2. Hands-on training in labs

3. Guided research and project work

4. Holistic and on-going evaluations to monitor progress

5. Mentoring and bestowing of individual attention

6. Special coaching for needy students

7. Financial support through scholarships for deserving meritorious students

Various programmes were also launched by the institute in collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGO) to increase computer awareness and literacy in the state.

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